Authors, Authors! Jonathan Ames and Santi Balmes

Amazing, isn’t it? That I should have time to blog after going through the Sant Jordi book day mayhem, I mean. Well, I did. Sant Jordi was a fantastic day, with our first author signing: Santi Balmes who is the lead singer of the pop music band Love of Lesbian and has written a fantastic, lovely tale for kids entitled I will kill monsters for you (inspired on his lyrics and his fear of darkness). Santi spent a wonderful day amongst booksellers, was delightfully patient and signed every piece of paper, book or item that was requested of him, always accompanied by our efficient and God-sent Elena; so I had time to connect with the craziness of Sant Jordi, enjoy and not die in the process. You can check out the pics on our Facebook.

Santi Balmes, cantante y autor de "Yo mataré monstruos por ti", editado por Principal de los Libros.

Santi Balmes, cantante y autor de «Yo mataré monstruos por ti», editado por Principal de los Libros

So yes, I took Sant Jordi really slowly this year. And that was only because I knew that barely a week after, Jonathan Ames of Bored to Death fame would arrive to Barcelona, invited by the Centre de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona  Primera Persona Festival. Principal de los Libros, our mainstream imprint, was publishing his Jeeves hommage Wake Up, Sir! and it was the perfect timing for a little promotion. (The Spanish translation of the book is just out this week!) Organisers and partners in festival crime: journalists Miqui Otero and Kiko Amat, who managed to take care of invited guests, sound checks, food and drinks, anecdotes and general mayhem with grace and sense of humour (that’s the real Sixth Sense for you!). I hope that the CCCB goes for a second edition of this festival, which was a clever mixture of literature, music, performances and fun. Just what the Spanish publishing world needs, if you should ask me.

Taken by a gracious bookseller at Laie CCCB, gorgeous picture of Jonathan Ames and the Spanish edition of "Wake up, Sir!"

Taken by a gracious bookseller at Laie CCCB, gorgeous picture of Jonathan Ames and the Spanish edition of «Wake up, Sir!», published by Principal de los Libros.

So, to make a really fun week-end short, Jonathan Ames came to Barcelona. And we laughed with his extremely witty remarks, his appeasing look (completely unintended but so relaxing to be around), and his general sense of being at peace with the world while at the same time being able to make utter and complete fun of it. It was a pleasure to be a small part of his world for a few days and to attend to his performance on Saturday night at the CCCB. The audience was cool at first (like a proper audience, it refused to give in too quickly) but was helplessly roaring and won over by the time Jonathan had finished his first five minute monologue. We are now trying to have Spanish readers discover what a wonderfully funny and tender writer he is, too.

And if that is not what publishing is about, at least a damn good time is being had by yours truly!

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