Should A Day Have 48 Hours? Ask Nick Nolte.

Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte

And the answer, just by looking at him, would be: «No».

However, there will always be an affectionate spot in my heart for the man who dealt both with Eddie Murphy and Barbra Streisand and survived to tell the story behind 48 Hours and The Prince of Tides.

But really. Really, I mean really. Why not vote for the 48-hour day? I have thought long and hard about this, given it careful consideration, reviewed all pros and cons, and have come to the definitive conclusion: I need a 48-hour day for at least a year. Let me tell you a fairytale.

In the beginning there were the blogs. Nice, cuddly and inofffensive little patches of words and pictures and thoughts that one could update now and then. Suddenly, they became «original content«. And just like the little fluffy rodent turns into a nasty Beast with a capital B from yonder, threatening to devour time, hearth and home, blogs demanded time. T-i-m-e. The Big T.

Then along came Facebook, with his seemingly little brother Twitter. Blogs scurried away, already beaten to near-death by the hipster Tumblr crowd. Digg and Del.i.cious had also helped vanquish the Beast but Facebook was the final stroke. We all rejoiced believing that we could happily wander around liking and tweeting short lines, funny jokes, clever pictures and sharing albums.

But Facebook showed its true colours too, and so did Twitter. Did they help divulge our privacy? Sure. Were they more mobile than la donna? Guessed right. Was it fun? You betcha, Sarah P. And we did not care because fun is scarce in this world, as everyone old enough to watch CNN and The Colbert Report knows. So we go for fun. (Sorry, Anderson Cooper. Hello, Stephen Colbert.)

Then, blogs came back with a vengeance. Because the phrase original content is a letany that all Internet gurus keep repeating until they drop dead. And there is nothing that screams original content like a good ole fashioned blog. (Incidentally, the gurus will drop dead the day after digital books do not end up with the publishing industry because, as someone should have realized by now, publishing will transform itself into anything (including a pretend book) to survive and keep polluting the world with letters and stories).

But I was praising The Return of the Je-Blog-Di.

Oh. Hello, Pinterest. What do you want from me? My pictures? But Facebook’s already go them. Oh, you want everyone’s pictures. And there they are, all put together in a mix of shoes, cakes and kittens… Wait, this is fun with a capital F. This is Starbuck Fragging Fun! Sure I can give you my last twenty minutes of the day. I wanted to scrub the floors, cook a meal, read Ulysses and write the Next Great Non-Descript Novel but yeah… Go ahead and take my last breathing minute today. Here, repin this.

Social networks trying to get hold of my precious neck... er, time.

Social networks trying to get hold of my precious neck... er, time.

48-hour day anyone? Right, tweet me when you’re done.