5 Reasons Why I Do Not Blog (and Same 5 Reasons Why I Will)

Blogging: a love/hate relationship!

True, it’s been a while. But here’s why I did not blog: same five reasons why I vouch to do so in the inmediate future. Got logic?

Reason Number One

This blog is becoming bilingual. That’s it. I have had it. I watch SNL, I follow Jon Stewart a.k.a. The True CNN, and my soirées at home with hubby move to the tune of Stephen Colbert’s masterful renditions. Alcatraz sounds better in English and so does Benedict Cumberbatch. So enough is enough. I did not blog because Spanish felt too… well, too Spanish for some of the stuff I want to blog about. So it’s bilingual or die.

Reason Number Two

Two. Nice number. Did you notice one plus one makes two? Two is the magical number and also the years Ático de los Libros has been publishing since we launched the ferocious Kanikosen by Japanese writer Takiji Kobayashi. But enough of unashamed self-promotion! Two: the years I have devoted to Ático, Principal, Taller or what we might call the Hubby & Me Are Happily Hitched 24/7 Project. I love it. I need to stop loving it so much. There you go, reason number two.

Reason Number Three

Moving. And this is not a song, it’s boxes and books and pans and pots, down and dirty. Christina Aguilera does not know what dirrrty is. Has she moved her own box of socks? Lady Gaga and her edge of glory are naught: The True Edge of Glory is putting the last book in the last shelf and putting away the last box. And all the while, keeping your p-p-poker face. So there. We moved to a new flat and we are still alive. Now, I will blog.

Reason Number Four

Okay, this one is a bit of a stretch but Hubby insisted: he has solved The Reichenbach Fall mystery. Yes, the last chapter of Sherlock Holmes by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. And Mr. Conan Doyle, of course. And therein lies the rub! Fantastic series, it got us hooked back onto good British TV like The Office used to. And Black Adder. And Doctor Who. And… wait, that is why I did not blog! And that is why I will: because Hubby has solved The Reichenbach Fall mystery and I need to tell you about it. Soon.

Reason Number Five.

Call her Isabeau. No, call her Teresh. Or better, Beatrice. Or The Trobairitz. Why not The Adventures of The Merry Medieval Thieves? Let’s call it by what it truly is: my ever-patient, all-knowing and wise agent’s delivery date nightmare. The Novel. The Third One. (First and Second ones here). The True Test… Why am I using capital letters all the time? God, I need to finish this one. This novel is the reason why I did not blog and ‘tis also, my friends, the reason why I am blogging now, with a vengeance!

Are you ready? Tell me about it, I am terrified too!