Travel and food

Mmmm… So, what is a travel & food section doing on a writer and publisher’s blog?

Well, long story short: I have always loved great food and travelling, and one of the good things (in this Good Life that we lead!) of the publishing business is that somehow, no matter how bad sales are going, you will always end up going to one or two bookfairs per year. At first, they may not be taking place at the most glamorous resort in Fiji Islands, but rather in a very rainy German city; or the restaurants will all seem like a HazMat waiting to happen instead of a Michelin Guide candidate. But slowly, once you get the hang of it, you will end up finding out about the best restaurants, the quietest cafeterias to have a nice long chat with a fellow colleague, and of course, discovering about the best value hotels, and dens of luxury, in the world.

So I thought, why not share that with everyone as interested as me in good food and nice travels? And here we are. Enjoy!

Radisson Blu Dortmund.

Radisson Blu Dortmund.


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